2022 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi will be held on Sun., 10/3, Sun., 11/6, Sun., 11/13, Sat., 11/19, Sun., 11/20, and Wed., 11/23, at locations throughout Japan and Overseas!


Theme: The Power to Survive the “Time of the Unbelievable”

The Lecture by Keiko Takahashi began in 1992 in response to requests from people who had read Keiko Takahashi’s books and wanted to listen to the author’s lecture. This year, the lectures will be held on the following dates:
Sun., October 30th | NTK Hall (Nagoya Civic Hall)
Sun., November 6th | Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
Sun., November 13th | Osaka International Convention Center, New York, Los Angele, San Francisco
Sat., November 19th | USA online
Sun., November 20th | Ishikawa Ongakudo Concert Hall, Melbourne
Wed., Nov. 23 (Holiday) | Video Gathering
(See below for details)

The theme of this year’s lecture is the Power to Survive the Time of the Unbelievable.

In a world where incidents that no one has predicted continue to happen, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the assassination of Japanese former Prime Minister Abe, how do we open the way to the future? The key to the future will be revealed. Everyone is welcome to attend the Lecture by Keiko Takahashi.

At each venue thorough measures will be taken to prevent infection, so we hope you will invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to attend. For more information, please see the leaflet below.

2022 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi

Doors open: 12:30 pm, Start of program: 1:00 pm, End of program (scheduled): 4:00 pm

Sun., Oct. 30th

NTK Hall (Nagoya Civic Hall) >Map

Sun., Nov. 6th

Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall >Map

(Live Broadcast)
GLA Tohoku Conference Hall >Map

Hotel New Carina (Morioka) >Map

Okayama Symphony Hall >Map

Mirai Hall, Denki Building (Fukuoka) >Map

Grandmesse Kumamoto Convention Hall >Map

Kagoshima Prefecture’s Community Hall 4th Floor >Map

Sun., Nov. 13th

Osaka International Convention Center >Map

(Live Broadcast)
Kaderu 2•7 (Sapporo) >Map

GLA Kochi Conference Hall  >Map

Miyazaki KITEN Building Main Conference Room >Map

Peas Square (Okinawa) >Map

(Video Gathering)New York

(Video Gathering)Los Angeles

(Video Gathering)San Francisco

Sat., Nov. 19th

(Online)Online USA

Sun., Nov. 20th

Ishikawa Ongakudo Concert Hall >Map
Relayed to GLA headquarter halls and other facilities nationwide

(Video Gathering)Melbourne

Wed., Nov. 23rd (holiday) Video Gathering

Hiroshima International Conference Center Himawari  >Map

In addition to the above, the lecture will be held at various GLA headquarters and branches.
For the latest information, please check the official website of the Lecture by Keiko Takahashi (available only in Japanese)(→Here).

■ Participation fee: 3,000 yen 
■ Registration:
For GLA members, please register from either of the websites as follows:.
Cell phone website (available only in Japanese):https://www.gla.jp/k/
Member’s home page (available only in Japanese):https://member.gla.or.jp/
Those who were introduced by a GLA member, please have the GLA member register for you from the one of the websites or by emailing the contact information above.
■ Infection Prevention Measures: Both participants and staff members fill out a medical questionnaire and disinfect their shoe soles and hands before entering the building and thoroughly follow the Five Preventative Measures (① hand washing, ② mask wearing, ③ ventilating, ④ taking body temperature, ⑤ keeping one’s throat moisturized), and avoiding the 3 Cs: closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings.
■ Keiko Takahashi Lecture Committee (Tel: 03-5828-1587)(available only in Japanese)